The Strugar Nutrition Centre - Preventative Healthcare
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We hope you can find everything you need. The Strugar Centre is dedicated to supporting your physical and mental well-being using a combination of Optimum Nutrition, Psychotherapy/NLP and Functional Medicine.  We believe that an excellent nutrition programme, good biochemical testing of established markers, plus an in depth understanding of psychological and emotional components are the major keys in transforming health and well-being across a wide variety of conditions.

In one-to-one consultations we'll discuss with you the main factors that may be affecting your health allowing us to plan some positive and achievable changes with you.

The process of change often needs much more than just being shown what to do so the use of Medical NLP and Human Givens Psychotherapy can make all the difference in terms of helping motivate and unravel any difficult emotional associations with your health, lifestyle and the way you eat.

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